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Hi! This is Isaac Cross. I run XCBDSM and the associated educational programs. 

You are most likely seeing this because you clicked on something about a book somewhere. 

See, we have an article on XCBDSM.com that I wrote about submissive training, conditioning and development. That page gets hundreds of views a day and is the most popular thing I have ever published. However, it is actually just a small excerpt from the much larger handout for my two-day long intensive for dominants and tops. 

Recently, someone pointed out to me that my handout for this intensive is longer than some books they have read and suggest that I re-format and re-write the full handout as a stand-alone book for distribution. 

I think it's a great idea, and I am happy to do the work. Before I make that happen, though, I need to know that people would actually read it. 

So, if you would be interested in a book on this subject, please give me your email address. When you do, you will receive an email confirming that you did so on purpose. You'll need to click a link in that email to make it official. (This process protects me from accusations of being a spammer)

The ONLY emails that you receive as a result of doing this is stuff about this book. You will not receive any other advertisements and I will not give or sell your email address to anyone. 

If there is enough interest, we will get to work right away. 

+ Isaac Cross
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